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NEWS11/13/12 OUT NOW





Summons Of Shining Ruins returns! INSTALL-alumni Shinobu Nemoto, now appearing on his fourth physical release with us, has authored a deep drone album bearing the Cyrillic title идиот (or Idiot, if you don't speak Russian). Idiot's presence manifests in the form of seven pieces, themselves titled only by patterns of numbers, that unfold elegantly like the wingspan of some gigantic rare bird. The thick air of reverberation and analog tape humidity that watermarks Nemoto's work is more than present on идиот, and it's hard to tell just what is generating the sound we hear underneath all that sonic fog. In one moment, it could be dozens of guitars being played in slow motion, looped and relayed back via tape loops made of melted insect wings. In another, it could be a derailed train, wrecked at the bottom of a ravine, horns blaring out in a desperate cacophony. Or is it an orchestra pit we hear, perhaps hypnotized by Nemoto, playing dreamlike swaths of melodies, smeared by layers of unconsciousness?  We, you could say, are Nemoto's idiots - when we observe, consider and penetrate abstract works of art like this, perhaps Nemoto is asking the question: What is truly ours to investigate? So here is идиот - a beautiful album that only Shinobu Nemoto could create, waiting for you to turn it on as if you would turn on a light in a room. Don't think, just listen.

Aidan Baker returns to INSTALL with a appropriate follow up to his 2009 record  'Dry'. For this one Aidan has brought some friends along to create an immersive composition for multiple guitars recorded by guitarists from all over the world and assembled by Aidan himself.  'Origin One (Drone)' starts the record with a layered, dense drone that sets the frame work for the record. Further on the composition descends quickly into the obtuse with 'Evolution One (Percussive)' and 'Evolution Two (Chime Drone)'. The record is brought full circle by the ending piece 'Origin Two (Melody)'. Limited to 300 replicated CDs in full color 4 panel eco-wallet.

With Guitarists:

Jon Attwood, Aidan Baker, Mick Barr, Bryan W. Bray, David Daniell, Jonathan Demers, Richard Graham, N, JF Sebastian, David Tagg, Velladon Vampillia, Slash Vampillia, Matej Volgar, Brian Wenckebach, Nigel Wright



Several seasons after it was recorded, Ten and Tracer's album Pest has now aged in the Install cellars and is ready to be paired with a nice cozy evening in. Six ambient excursions, which can be considered uncharacteristically long form for those familiar with Jon Canupp's oeuvre, tread immersive drone trails that seem to hang in the air like heavy clouds over a vast desert plain at dawn. Subtle wafts of smoke creep up into the slowly illuminating skyline, which can be traced down to a single tent on an otherwise empty landscape. Pest is devastatingly beautiful and deceptively simple all at once, woven together in a drug-induced haze of nomadic chords and weathering erosion. Although we at Install asked Jon to create this release for us, it sounds more like he ventured out on an expedition in some exotic unmapped land and unearthed this recording from under centuries of sand. For existing fans of Jon's work as well as newcomers to his sound, Pest is an essential volume of fantastic drone music that will pair well with sleep deprivation, peyote, dry red wine or just a good set of speakers in the intimate setting of your choice.




Picking up from where "I am the Wolf" left off David Tagg unleashes a new beast entitled Hand of Clovers. For this record Tagg mixes his trademark single track guitar drones with dense multi track compositions that wander a bleak landscape. Limited to only 150 replicated CDs (Not CDR) packaged in a high quality printed canvas mini LP sleeve featuring Tagg's own 35mm Black and White photography. Each CD comes packaged with a signed and numbered Glicee print on fine art rag paper.




Peter Wright returns with Orbit, his sophomore effort for Install. Somehow, over 37 minutes, Peter manages to imply the same amount of sheer size and range of sound that he did over 2 massive CDs on 2009's Snow Blind. Swirling backward guitars and honeybee leads in "Midnight Orange" coalesce like a cosmic orchestra pit warming up before tectonic plates shift and give way to lurching sheets of magma. As Peter pulls the frame of the images we're seeing back, it is revealed that we're looking at Earth's prehistory, where nature is in complete upheaval and chaos...yet even this image gives way to a larger scope: an entire galaxy in a glass dish, on a tabletop inside a strange laboratory. Abruptly, this vision is cut to black, shifting forms that might resemble a bone structure moving beneath a layer of dark skin. Sweltering heat and thick smoke are imbued on Peter's sonic canvas, which bears the title "Tethered". A subtle bitter sweetness creeps through the heaviness and changes the mood from oppressively bleak to bearable, albeit very strange. We feel as if we're underneath a low ceiling that is trembling beneath a massive weight. As the atmosphere clears up, we become aware of a trembling texture surrounding us...perhaps a storm outside of wherever we are? As surely as we are standing here, things begin to center themselves, and before we know it a bright white light overtakes everything around us until we can no longer see even ourselves. Soft muted notes that might be a bass or a piano resonating from a few rooms over begin to weave into the air over our shoulders. We're led to a sunny room with screened windows, looking out on a pond with bird-filled trees and a sun steadily setting behind them. There is an old, aged tape machine in the corner that grows incrementally louder and more decayed as whatever ancient recordings were made on it play out for the thousandth time. A closer look at the spinning reel reveals only one word: "Gravity", and right then we feel something sink in our chest. Things begin to blur around us, our field of vision becomes increasingly fragmented as what seems like a rolling cloud of insects and pestilence makes its way across the pond and surrounds the little porch we're inside. Sheets of wings and legs and thoraxes buzz and converge into a dark brown and golden wall around us, blocking out all light. After what seems like years, we realize we're no longer alone, and out of the dark corner near the tape machine emerges a human form, hunched over several small knobbed devices. In one giant realization, the blackness parts and we're suddenly aware of Peter Wright playing a worn looking electric guitar, seemingly oblivious to our presence, and making several small but calculated movements that somehow remind us of an alchemist at work in his study. Deep in thought, Peter waves away the pestilence, the dread, the dark clouds and even the sun setting porch itself in favor of a holy bright light, white hot and razor sharp. Curvatures of chords painfully rise up through the blanket of energy and brutally blast us back to our living room. Peter Wright has returned with Orbit, his sophomore effort for Install. Limited to 300 in silk-screened jacket.

A portion of the proceeds from this record will go to benefit the New Zealand Red Cross to help in earthquake rebuilding efforts.




Blackbox Utilities, or BXU, is a web-based storefront configured to be a centralized hub where materials released by both the INSTALL and Second Sun Recordings boutique labels may be carried. Additionally, music released on other imprints by current INSTALL-released musicians will also be carried in the store, as well as merchandise such as official label clothing, stickers, art prints, literature and more. Conceptualized as a unification of music, market and design that will allow listeners and collectors alike to create personal accounts, keep track of their order history, earn rewards points, shop in three different currencies, redeem or buy gift vouchers and subscribe to a mailing list, all in addition to having the convenience of several labels' worth of fantastic music available in a single place. BXU intends to expand and streamline the experience of finding, sampling and obtaining independent music to be one of comfort, ease and reliability, all the while maintaining a more efficient online workspace for creators David Tagg and Brian Grainger to experiment with release formats and configurations, marketing approaches and other ideas from their secluded fortified bunker, somewhere deep beneath the Atlantic ocean.

At present, we have launched BXU with a massive supply of new and reissued materials, including David Tagg & Brian Grainger's four-year long 21Mg Series, presented in four 12-disc box sets and streamable in full at our 21Mg Bandcamp page. Collectors will note that the first three box sets of the 21Mg Series (A-G, H-M and N-S, respectively) have been out of print and scarce for some time now - all three boxes as well as the final T-Z box are now simultaneously available in the store. Additionally, a limited amount of Install t-shirts have been created and are available in different sizes.




For our first cassette offering we present Dream Compost by David Tagg. The first in a series of seasonal EPs by David inspired by the growing and cultivation of plants. Limited to only 50 cassettes packaged in a full color printed canvas sleeve. All purchases include download code. To purchase digital download go here.




Prolific New York experimentalist David Suss has now joined the ranks at Install with an album bearing the name Millions. Simple, almost calculated, drone swells creep in with stealthy efficiency, and the stereo field is considerably widened due to Mr. Suss not being shy with utilizing his full range of frequencies (read: very high and very low). Bringing to mind the sounds of those electronic synthesis pioneers from the 1960's and 70's, Millions uses somewhat familiar audio design to bring us into completely alien landscapes. Both clean and minimal while simultaneously being pastoral and quite colorful, this is an album meant for the dimmer hours, the lower levels of consciousness, a liberation from time moving at an expected rate. Electronic sound used as a vehicle for rearranging your subconscious at the molecular level.




From the blackest depths of silent space, waking from a hibernation that's lasted eons, VCV steadily descend toward our galaxy, observing it as a somber spiral isolated in the middle of nothing and more nothing. Upon entering the solar system, a signal is received from Earth. Japan, to be precise. A young man named Shinobu Nemoto is jamming experimental frequencies on several dozen pieces of audio equipment in his backyard. VCV read his signals, wait, and understand. The two entities converse and agree to meet, where else but the harsh climate of Jupiter, to combine their abilities and create a message for mankind. Long hot hours are spent in atmo-suits, combining modified audio frequencies with caustic chemicals found naturally in the Jovian habitat, and etching the results into exactly one-hundred black discs with ultraviolet light. The visitors depart, their mission complete. There are no goodbyes, only quiet, patient understanding. Their languages are very different and very unimportant, but the message has been created in a new tongue. What does it mean? You might never know.




It isn't often that collaborative projects bear such bountiful fruit right from the start of their conception, but sometimes, nature seems to have another motive in mind, and we're given a very special and very unique result. Hailing from near-opposite sides of the globe, David Tagg and Takahiro Yorifuji (also known here at Install and elsewhere as Hakobune) decided to combine their complementary approaches to ambient guitar music and make something new together. The Garden - In Sea-Land, certainly conjures images of organic growth in a surreal landscape, and the album colors in the empty spaces with watery blue melodies submerged in ocean water and triumphant overarching towers of weathered stone drones surrounded by sea spray and thin clouds. Both similar to what David and Takahiro have individually created before, and also unique to itself, these two men have found an alchemical assurance in combining their crafts with The Garden. Sure to please fans of either musician's work, or anyone who appreciates gentle guitars unspooled over a canvas of water and green. Deep and lush, alive and vibrant. A multifaceted pleasurable listen for the hot Summer months.




Once more now we'll take you further than you've ever gone before! Actually, twice more now! The ever-evolving Installation Series has again returned with two more dense forests of sound: Vizion Centaur's debut album Space, which elegantly lives up to its name, and then some. Massive, open plains of drones that seem to go on for miles. Wrenched open chasms of tonal humming fuzz-bliss that never begin and never end - they simply ARE. For the historians and note-takers amongst you, Vizion Centaur is a new band comprised of Mr. Warren Kroll (aka Dorosoto, Forrest, etc) and Mr. Chris Dutrieux.




The long hidden third collaboration between David Tagg and Brian Grainger has finally become manifest in the form of an eleven-sided black box and two 3" CD-is safe to say that Viking Destroyer is the inversion of VCV, and that although the band is made up of the same members deploying the same approaches to improvisation and instrumentation, Viking Destroyer is another beast entirely. If VCV is music for the cosmos, then Viking Destroyer is what lurks beyond space. Empty suffocating blackness. Music for the tomb of time itself. Presented in a gorgeous deluxe handmade box designed and assembled by David Tagg, with limited quantities available.

Orders will start shipping the week of February 27th.




Another fruit from the Install family tree has ripened for the picking, and that is ONE BLEAK TRY. The new album by BRIAN GRAINGER, featuring guest collaborations by Install alumni David Tagg, Peter Wright, Shinobu Nemoto, Acreil, Jason Adams and Millipede. A mammoth set of six songs about failure, recorded in a violent effort to break down the walls of some severe writer's block Brian was experiencing in the early 2010 year. Make no mistake, OBT is quite possibly the heaviest, angriest music Brian has ever released. Considering the source of the material, the collaborators make OBT a surprisingly varied album, and one not to be missed for longtime fans of the Install repertoire.

Additionally in this update we're proud to be carrying limited quantities of the new album by Oregon field recordist and sound designer DAN CRALL. Following Dan's Installation debut North and the self-released follow-up Recluse Abandon, his newest album NON-FORMULA EQUINOX is a fascinating collection of sound collage, field recordings and outsider music, presented in a way only Crall can do. Copies of the CD are available in the shop.




Two new names with debut releases this month, both appearing in our ever-growing Installation series, which has also been redesigned by David to be more cost effective for us to produce, and in turn, cheaper for you to buy.

The first is a gargantuan forest of drones, brittle field recordings and psychedelic come-downs bearing the title EVOKE THE PRESENT, by Germany's own organic farmer BORED MAN GANESH. ETP is an incredibly colorful trip that seems to buoy and pulse with hallucinogenic life. A slow walk through a park, if the park was in an alternate dimension and all movement was smudged like wet paint on glass. Absolutely essential Autumn listening!

Our second Installation disc is just as much of a trip, albeit a completely different one. SABURO UBUKATA gives Install his debut album MULTISTORY SCENERY and immediately transports the listener into a sprawling overgrown scene where evolution is quick and unyielding, sometimes even painful. Where the one constant is transition, with towering pillars of green foliage, rain and white noise building to a crescendo from near silence, only to topple over into a scene of completely different orientation, temperature and tempo. Our world has never sounded so musical and alive before now, and thanks to Saburo's expert way with sound-design and arrangement, we present you with a moving narrative of brutal growth and maturity.




With our first new release since the Summer break, Install is pleased to present A YEARLONG THOUGHT, the new album by HAKOBUNE. Hailing from Japan, Takahiro Yorifuji has created some of the finest and most accessible guitar music we've heard for the last three years, and this new album is no exception. What could be perceived as picking up where his 2008 split with David Tagg left off reveals much more as the album plays through. Lovely warmth and absolute harmony glow through a translucent wall of clouds. Womblike, elegant, colorful and polite are words that enter your mind with music like this. Hakobune is a master of his trade and make no mistake about it - this could be the prettiest guitar record we release all year. Inspiring organic sounds that are synaesthetically echoed on the album's Autumnal cover art. This is your harvest season soundtrack, available in a limited edition of 300 copies, only at INSTALL.




As we approach the end of September, the INSTALL bunker starts to hum with power and the sound of giant industrial gears turning. Ready to launch our final attack of the year, and put an end to the feel-good Summer while it's weakened. For those of you who don't like metaphoric ranting: INSTALL is back. We have risen from our humid slumbers to take the helm and navigate you through another vivid Autumn and another frosty Winter.

We're kicking off our return to form with the brand-new INSTALL DIGITAL ARCHIVE. The archive contains 100% free and exclusive music by both INSTALL alumni and newer residents. As the archive will surely grow in the coming months, we've already planted the seeds there with The INSTALL Sound Brochure, 2010 Edition - a varied sampler of everything INSTALL has to offer, and also a dense drone EP by new-recruit Bored Man Ganesh, intended as a precursor to his upcoming Installation disc. Additionally, the Home (Rebuilt) remix album by Wood-Land and the Sand & Surf EP by Millipede are also currently available. Download it and pass it on.


In closing, we're also quite pleased to announce lots of great new music is on the way for you to get your little greedy hands on. A beautiful album by HAKOBUNE, a stylish debut from VIKING DESTROYER and a mind-obliterating guitar album from BRIAN GRAINGER! Stay close!



Returning to INSTALL from his winter hibernation, axe in hand, Millipede bestows upon us the crown jewel that is FULL BLOOM. Nowhere on this record will you find any trace of Hyrulian legends or heroes with swords...no, this is Millipede on his own, having traversed Death Mountain and lived to press on. Instead we get a jagged crystal mind-implant that shows us refracted psychedelic visions of summertime, shooting stars and liquified nostalgia, melted down alchemically into a cool breeze (or a sweet-scented sleeping gas, Millipede allows you to take your pick) that might come bottled up in a jar, on the cart of some mystical traveling salesman from a Bradbury story. So here, from Millipede and INSTALL, raise your glass to the notion of a neverending, overstimulating miasma of color and sound, brought to life as violently as the seasons change and filled to the brim with everything you miss from your childhood that you thought was gone.




Dialing in from a growing catalog spread across several labels and a decade of work, Greg Davis brings INSTALL a beautiful new album: REGARDING WAVE. Admittedly, we don't know too much about how Greg made Regarding Wave, but we do know that he made it just for us, and we can certainly affirm that Greg knows the INSTALL sound very well, having mastered Wood-Land's Stone Circle CD-R last year. Musically this album has a shimmering brightness about it, almost like an auditory hall of mirrors where the smallest chime echoes and repeats kaleidoscopically forever. Over the course of three tracks, Greg produces moments of rippling beauty via polite tonal drones that evolve at glacial speed. Full of harmony and accessibility, Regarding Wave is not only a welcome addition to Greg's diverse oeuvre, but also a worthy introduction to his music for newcomers. The bottom line: If you already know Greg Davis, you know this will be amazing, and if you don't, prepare to be impressed!




When the hard work of the day is done, and you go home and begin your nightly routine of winding down, there are only so many things that reciprocate that relaxed stillness. Here at Install, we're happy to say that we have the exact soundtrack for many of your sleepy evenings to come: David Tagg's newest album PENTECOST. Following in the wake of his Cold Spring Harbor EP, and utilizing a process that included using his grandfather's reel-to-reel tapes of organ playing for source sound, David has created what could be described as an "ambient novel". A superbly vivid work of musical nonfiction that tells the stories of 1000 photographs, long since forgotten memories and a crackling, eroded legacy, now exhumed from the dusty wine cellars of Tagg's sentimental estate. What all this wholly amounts to is a landmark recording, full of cool, subdued tones and soft shadowy movements. PENTECOST could be David's strongest ambient moment, if not only for consistency, but also for potency.




Long awaited split from Jefre Cantu-Ledesma & David Tagg is finally here! Limited to only 60 copies it is sure to go fast. These are sold on a first come first serve basis, so once they are gone they are gone. Make sure you secure your copy by acting fast and not waiting. Limit ONE per customer! Any orders with multiple copies will be refunded and you will be forced to order again. Any emails requesting a copy after they are sold will be ignored.





At number 9 in our main catalog, we have Simon Whetham collaborating with mise_en_scene on an incredibly deep 38-minute piece called “Eineanderweltstrasse”. In a collage-like piece, containing field-recordings from Berlin, the duo manage to transpose the sound of a city at night onto both pure and artificial textures. The result sounds very dark, and at times sad, much like walking through a deserted section of an industrial city block late at night. There is rain slick on the streets and even more coming out of the pipes on buildings, and benign sounds become more and more evident as you walk on, the things you only notice when you are alone. A beautiful piece of minimal and modern sound-art.




For the first new issue in the Installation series for this decade, we're proud to bring you a very unique record that came to us a year ago: Horaflora's "The Gland Canyon". A clattering, it oomsound, intricate textures and what could be interpreted as ghabiting an. Incredibly layered with some of the outright weirdest sounds, Horaflora has created an environment that seems to be more independently evolving as the album moves forward, rather than being controlled by its creator. Sound design from another dimension, brought directly to your home by Install.




After much deliberation and work, Install is proud to unveil its first vinyl release: Milieu's Phosphene Weather LP. Notable for also being the first time Milieu's work has appeared on the vinyl format, Phosphene is a special affair, limited to 150 copies on randomly colored vinyl inside custom silk screened sleeves with hand-numbered inserts, sporting a modern design by David Tagg. Musically, Phosphene Weather inhabits a similar universe as previous Milieu ambient output, such as A Warm Wooden Hollow, Of The Apple or Brittle Paper Cathedrals. The record's three songs walk slowly through an Autumnal landscape that is as colorful as it is eroded, and over the course of 40 minutes the listener is treated to liquid sunset immersion, surrounded on all sides by soft wind sweeping red leaves over orange fields and cloudlike formations of chords that arrive right on time with the warm hum of a pedal bass. Swells of log cabin isolation, woodwind and guitar drones and pure sleepy thought filter through the horizon line. Phosphene Weather is total night music, and quite possibly the pinnacle of Milieu's ambient output to date.  

PRE-ORDER!!! Will begin shipping the week of November 23rd!!!



After an Installation series debut, a remix album and over a year's worth of recording, Wood-Land has returned from the deep woods of Pennsylvania with Stone Circle. Those familiar with Wood-Land's work know to expect some deep earthy lo-fi stuff, and on this point, Stone Circle delivers. Sounding like some worn cassette dug up from under an oak tree, the 20 songs on Stone Circle paint a vivid picture of slowly eroded gospel hymns reduced to warped loops and textural embellishments. Folk music recorded on tree bark, confederate ghosts inhabiting a transistor radio, dream-state chants echoing down a dark wooden hall covered in leaves. Wood-Land has never sounded more surreal and overgrown. Perfect decaying Autumn music, limited to 100 copies and gracefully mastered by Greg Davis with artwork by PAN.

Click here for a video of 'This is our richness'




Just in time for the end of summer, we've got the perfect record to play while you watch the leaves turn colors and die: DRY. Veteran experimental guitarist Aidan Baker's stellar contribution to Install couldn't get any more straightforward. As the title would indicate, this is raw, live Baker we're hearing, stripped down to the barest of components, no effects, no overdubs, warts and all. We've been following Baker's output for years and we have to admit that we've never heard the man sound quite like this before. Unlike anything else we can think of, Dry is a contemplative experience that is as much physical as it is immaterial. Baker's evocative playing style has never quite been this bare, and Dry proves that beneath all of the drenching reverbs and delays on his prior works, there is an incredible improvisational force at work. Sonically it mines monochrome landscapes of unpainted canvas, weaving in and out of melodic motifs, as if it were recorded in a dream state, while compositionally it lies somewhere between Jandek and Satwa, being both dissonant and meditative. Confessing and immersive, this is a record we cannot praise enough, and since there probably isn't much that hasn't already been said about Aidan Baker by now, we'll get to the point: If you only hear one Baker release in 2009, make it this one - we're certain you won't regret it!



Hot on the heels of our Peter Wright double-album, we are proud to bring you another album you will want to hear at unholy decibel levels: DISPEL SPACE-TIME LUST by the collaborative duo of Jason Adams (Heptangular, Wordsalad) and Shinobu Nemoto (Summons Of Shining Ruins). Both heavy and heartbreaking, Dispel showcases the strengths of both artists in a powerful way...sad, violin-like swells of guitar give way to mangled and desolate atmospherics, while on other tracks we seem to be locked inside an aural prison of blackness, smog and the scent of burnt hair. The recording itself also seems to have been significantly damaged, with crusts of tape noise and warping throughout, giving us the feeling that Jason and Shinobu consecrated the master tapes in a fiery ritual inside a cave on Mars. Fans of both Shinobu's work as Summons as well as Jason's work as Heptangular (see below) would likely find this album to be an essential body of work, and one worth hearing for anyone who loves massive onslaughts of guitars writhing in and out of a bleak universe, conjured by two very seasoned mages, and only here at Install.

As if the record wasn't great enough as it is, we're offering a free copy of the Heptangular album "Restored" to anyone who buys DSTL, until we run out of them. An amazing album on its own, "Restored" is an obscure and underappreciated slab of experimental guitar work that we feel deserves to be heard. "Restored" will also be available for sale by itself in the shop for a limited time.




Following releases on Infraction, Archaic Horizon and a superb track on SSR's invitation-only Exercises In Obscurism compilation, Pat Benolkin gives Install what could be his strongest album yet: Rituals. The same man behind Electricwest (see: EED circa-2007) scales things back and creates an evocative atmosphere full of both dusky darkness and warm yellow light. Conjuring images of a damp, urban setting, Rituals walks us through haunted bus stations and deep sleeping-pill excursions, thick and humid with smoky phantom sounds wafting in and out of the shadows. A single street lamp is our only constant in this state, and if a slumbering black and white city could bear fruit, this would be it. Dark ambient at it's best, and one of the best records we've heard all year! Limited to only 100 copies at #11 in the Installation series.




The second edition of David Tagg's split series has arrived featuring UK based guitar wizard Gareth Hardwick. Only 54 of these exist and will probably be gone before I finish typing this. If you want one DON'T WAIT! This will not be repressed in this packaging. Orders will ship in the order they are received. All will ship by June 15th.





Peter Wright is a true veteran of the experimental scene, hailing from New Zealand with a catalogue that goes back over a full decade. We're very proud to present you with his newest offering, a mammoth double-album called Snow Blind. Anyone familiar with Peter's music will be happy to hear lots of the layered guitar drones and textural interplay that his records have been known for, however we feel this is a totally accessible record to anyone who enjoys dense drones or ambient music. Wright coaxes otherworldly harmonies out of thick slabs of rocky chords that tower nearly endlessly like cliffs overlooking a black ocean, with some pieces keeping a calm, stately mood and others bursting with hot yellow energies. Altogether this is one of the finest collections of guitar music we've heard in a very long time, and should not be missed. Presented on a limited run of 300 copies with sprawling and unique artwork by Peter himself.




The Caretaker's 'Persistent Repetition Of Phrases' is now back in stock and shipping. Supplies are once again limited and are sure to go fast. LISTEN BUY

New releases on the way! Stay Tuned!




Install returns once again with three new releases, and a sale! Just in time for the holidays... First, the long-awaited but well-hidden VCV album "Round The Bend" has finally been pressed. Nine tracks of instrumental Jandek covers, officially approved by Corwood themselves, that are equally in the spirit of VCV's sound as well as Jandek's. These special pieces focus on recreating/reinterpreting the mood of Jandek's work, with tracks selected from various points in his oeuvre, all the way from a gospel-acoustic cover of "Alehouse Blues" from One Foot In The North, to a molten-heavy doomed out version of "The Electric End" from Lost Cause. A very eclectic group of songs but still cohesive in that Corwood way, and an affirmation of VCV's true roots and versatility as a band. There's really something here for everyone, no matter what camp you're from, SSR's or Corwood's. This album includes the sad and beautiful cover of "I'm Ready" which we consider to be one of VCV's defining moments. A must have for any fan of VCV, Jandek or improvisational music! LISTEN BUY

INSTALLATION 9: DAIZOK - AUTUMN SCENES "Autumn Scenes", which lives up to its title in so many ways. A stately and elegant ambient album in the most traditional sense, which we really do not release much of here at Install. That just shows how striking it is! Wonderfully clear field recordings mingle with warm tonal passages to create what could be a travelogue of sorts, presented through 21 tracks that are sometimes short vignettes or connective pieces, and sometimes extended drones that never seem to end. Altogether it has been masterfully assembled into one seamless whole, and should be just the thing to warm your ears and insides up during these cold months. LISTEN BUY

INSTALLATION 8: MILLIPEDE - DEATH MOUNTAIN Millipede, fresh from his split cassette with Brian Grainger at Milieu Music, appears here for his very first full-length album, "Death Mountain". A huge, towering monolith of a record, this sounds exactly like you'd expect with a name like that. Gigantic masses of distorted guitars lock together to form chunks of shoegazing space-dust and singsong feedback. This is music for a weary traveler on a long and lonesome quest, and quite possibly the heaviest album we've released in this series! For fans of tape hiss, distortion pedals and dreamy riffing coated in fuzz-bliss, check this one out! LISTEN BUY


We are very proud to announce the first split at INSTALL. A stunning display of guitar ambience from Hakobune (Kyoto, Japan) and David Tagg (New York, USA). Packaged in one of a kind double 3" sliding case designed and built by David Tagg. VERY LIMITED!
Installation 6 & 7

INSTALLATION 6: Tanner Menard - Canopy Of Sky On Black

Tanner Menard's desert-opus Canopy Of Sky On Black. We're told that Menard assembled this 48-minute wall of organic sound from one recording of atmospheric noise using a vlf reciever, 60 miles outside of Phoenix, Arizona, avoiding the city's disruptive power grid. Over the course of this extremely lively sonic trip, electrical drones hum and wither under a spattering menagerie of wet rocks and what sounds like the actual frequency of life itself after Menard zoomed into it microscopically and documented it. Extremely raw, psychedelic and brutal all at once, and absolutely commanding when listened to at loud volume levels. A powerful display of art and nature!

INSTALLATION 7: The Jack Bohlen Book Club - Allegory & Violence

Sweet relief comes in the form of Allegory & Violence, the first hardcopy release by The Jack Bohlen Book Club. Being somewhat of an elusive figure, we won't focus too much on the man behind the JBBC, but what that leaves us with is an intriguing collection of field recordings, found sounds and numbers-stations, all either obscuring or collectively building tonalities, drones, little dissonances and hidden melodies that could be accidentally recorded from some distant brittle radio signal just as easily as they could be composed and performed. A true cross-pollination of academic sound-collage and careful compositional placement happens here, and we're pleased to be the ones to bring it to you.


INST003: Summons Of Shining Ruins

Very rarely do we hear an album that sounds so emotionally complicated that you're almost drawn to tears over how frail it is, and how lucky you are to hear it. Summons Of Shining Ruins is such an experience. Shinobu Nemoto treads a charred black landscape, picking up burnt fragments of his childhood and carefully threading them together into a hazy history for us to observe. Being a collector of all sorts of vintage recording equipment, this album is a massive display of Shinobu's masterful way with guitars and tapes. There is a prevailing sadness in this album, almost like Nemoto has resigned himself to an eternity of loss and decay, completely and utterly tethered to a void that overtakes everything. A brilliantly evocative trip that would definitely appeal to fans of Birchville Cat Motel, Boris and Tim Hecker. Limited edition of 100 copies with stunning photography by Jason Adams.

We have made a few changes to the website. The Shop now has both USA and International on one page. Your shipping costs will be calculated through paypal.  Please get in touch here if you have any problems with ordering.

Installation 4 & 5
INSTALLATION 4: Wood-Land - Home
Wood-Land's debut album Home was recorded a couple years ago onto a fourtrack tape where it would lie in the shade, aging like a sweet wine, until now. As part of our ongoing Installation series, Home is everything you'd expect from a musician calling himself Wood-Land...eleven tender vignettes of acoustic guitars, pianos and feedback, all woven in and out of tape hiss, pitch-bent decays and the sounds of a forest in the daytime. Birdsongs mingle with the plink and plonk of an untuned guitar, and it almost sounds like Wood-Land has used the forest air itself to play his droning tonalities. Home is a very sincere example of what minimalist art sounds like out in the woods. As an awesome bonus, Patrick David (the man behind the music) has personally assembled handmade copies of a Wood-Land remix album, sent free with the main CD to anyone to orders it. These remixes include The White Lodge, David Tagg, Brian Grainger, Adam Gnade, Thee Moths, Chairs and others. The entire affair is limited to only 50 copies.
INSTALLATION 5: Acreil - Eisegetic Waiver
Acreil's album Eisegetic Waiver is our second offering this month, and it is also his first hardcopy appearance at a label. The album is comprised of four extended pieces, each an evocative display of crisp, hi-fi electronics and live experimentation. "Emission Corridor" sounds much like a billowing wind before a storm, rolling across an open field populated by a long line of pylons. As the tension mounts, electricity fills the air and the sky lights up. "Eight Tiny Spheres" moves the acoustics to an indoor setting where a strange belt-operated machine is rhythmically loosening and tightening, before finally overheating and sputtering out. "Slightly Through Air" is an intense bed of tape hiss and chord-looping that eventually gives way to several small bits of lazer-plasma drillingthrough the atmosphere and ripping it to shreds. Closing with "Mid-Length, Transparently", we are left with airy whirring sounds, similar to aircraft flying irregularly through black air. Tonal hums come from the mechanical din, weave around the stereo field, and swarm away from earshot until all we're left with is silence again. A total mindfuck of an album and an impressive show of Acreil's electronic engineering and modern sculpted noise. Limited to 50 copies.
The Caretaker
Everyone knows The Caretaker as none other than the legendary James Kirby, the man behind V/Vm and the V/Vm Test label, purveyor of fine experimental, ambient, noise, new-beat music and a veritable authority on the subject. We're lucky to now have him in the ranks at Install with an evocative full-length called Persistent Repetition Of Phrases. This album is in many ways faithful to the classic Caretaker sound as well as being somewhat of a newer experiment; the aged, crusty vinyl of years-long-forgotten is still quite present, however this time things have broken down even further in lock-groove purgatory where flickering loops and shards of melodies are all that's left from the dementia of old age. Slight glimpses of fond memories are endlessly repeated on yellow film screens, in the dark and dusty theatres of the human mind, until a loss of recollection occurs, leaving foreign fragments to a puzzle you can never put back together. Overall a very stirring and sad album, and a potent display of the musical uniqueness that makes The Caretaker so relevant. Available from Install as a limited edition 500-digipak release decorated with a beautiful painting by Guy Denning.
Gareth Hardwick - Waiting For The Penny To Drop
The newest release in our ongoing Installation series, drone-poet Gareth Hardwick graces our catalog with 2 beautiful livesets he performed in Spain and the UK last year. Both extended pieces are gorgeous examples of Hardwick's lulling technique with a guitar and a soothing improvisational listening experience for those of us who may live too far away to see him perform. The first set, recorded digitally, is a very clean and soft bed of billowing cloud-like tones, while the second set, recorded on dictaphone, is a much more hazy trip with a field of textures beneath the ever-evolving drone-swells. Gareth owns and operates his own Low Point label in the UK, which produces alot of great music in it's own right, and we're both honored and excited to be able to bring his newest record to you at Install! Limited to 100 copies.
WELCOME!  New Releases by Ourson, Dan Crall and Brian Grainger...
The enigmatic Luke Hazard emerges from the black woods of West Virginia with an album that sounds cursed and burnt up from the very beginning. Eth boldly marks the birth of the Install label and as you might expect, it doesn't fool around. At times primordial and cosmic, Ourson guides you through barren windswept landscapes of rock and mud while simultaneously ripping apart the stereo field like a crusty blood-stained cloth. Eth is a truly epic recording of both gentle and unfriendly sounds, sparking mental images of the creation, deep haunted forests, bad acid trips and angry gods leveling mountains to dust. Limited to 300 glossy digipaks.
Installation 1: Dan Crall - North

The Installation series starts with North by Oregon experimentalist Dan Crall. Originally the host of an experimental radio show, Crall has collected and assembled several unique recordings here for an album that really must be experienced. Everything from field recordings of mountain hikes, rain and tree-chopping to creepy voicemail, sound installations and even a bum mournfully explaining how he shot his horse in a public park. Crall is a master of capturing moments only imagined by most of us, and North is truly a spectacular document of people, places and things that may have otherwise been forgotten. Limited to 50 copies.
Installation 2: Brian Grainger - Silver Surfaces Washed White

Second in the Installation series, Brian Grainger visits uncomfortably loud territory on Silver Surfaces Washed White. Thick masses of white noise and analog feedback form long, monochromatic clusters of crumbling sound. Initially sourced from cassettes of various abstract pieces Brian recorded for the Sun-Day boxset, these are the remnants of a completely corrosive musical process that is as fascinating as it is unsettling. Best when played at high volume! Limited to 50 copies.


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